Over the course of the past year or so, I’ve been given the opportunity to explore a lot of topics within my field and write about them. And over the course of the past year or so, I imagine that some of these blogs may not have garnered the attention I feel they truly deserve. Content is shared so frequently on the internet and through social media that it’s easy to overlook a blog post that you wanted to read and soon forgot about as well. For these reasons, I’ve collected a few of my favorite blog posts and have highlighted those here in the hopes of promoting their messages once again. Please enjoy these blogs that you may have missed, and if you didn’t miss them, I hope you enjoy reading them once again.


5 Books I Recommend To My Executive Staff

Just over one year ago, I was featured in the Baton Rouge Business Report along with several other successful CEO’s from the area’s top 100 companies. The input and advice given from all who were involved was very well received and made for great self reflection as well as reflection within business. In this particular blog post I included a portion of my contribution to the Baton Rouge Business Report in which I gave a list of books that I encourage my staff to read in order to help further personal and professional development.


How To Deal With Competing Business Strategies

In this blog I discuss the difficulties of employing the right business strategies and how to make different and competing strategies work to the advantage of my own company. Humans are born competitors, and although consistency in business can be comforting, it will rarely serve as the best choice when trying to get ahead. Sometimes in order to be successful you have to throw comfort to the wind and try a new strategy. This practice was where the idea for this blog came from.


What Leadership Looks Like

The question of how to be a great leader is something that is often brought up in large business seminars all the way down to intimate group exercises within small offices. Everyone wants to know how to be a great leader, and how to identify a great leader. This blog post served as a way to utilize and develop these skills and turn them into career promotions and recognition.


Encouraging Entrepreneurship Early

With the development and successes of startups and new businesses in Silicon Valley, many people have become more and more aware of the term, “entrepreneur.” As stated in my blog, some studies have shown that the average age when an entrepreneur has their big break is around age 40. Thanks to booming cities and the desire to create innovate companies and products, entrepreneurship has become a crucial part of the American economy. In order to keep the growth of new businesses and startups, however, entrepreneurship has to start at a young age. In this blog, I explored how to make this happen and why it is so crucial.


Do you have a favorite blog in mind that I’ve written? If so, tweet it to me @PepperRutland on Twitter, or connect with me on LinkedIn. I’ve greatly enjoyed writing about my experiences and sharing what I’ve learned along my journey so far. And after reflecting on this collection of my work, I’m excited to share even more of my experiences and lessons with my online community.