There’s a busy world outside of the office walls. That world is full of distractions that can deter employees from the work in front of them. If you’re not working to keep your employees interested in what’s going on inside the office, can you really blame them for drifting off into a daydream?


The answer is two-fold. Of course it’s unfair for an employee to seemingly disrespect the work they’ve been assigned. But many of the moments these employees steal to escape to the tropical paradise in their minds are a result of lacking employee engagement tactics in the workplace. By keeping your employees engaged in the culture of the office, you’ll see your employees rise to the occasion instead of needing to be asked.


If you’re looking to boost engagement and create an environment that your employees will invest in, you’ll want to pay close attention to the strategies below.


Office Events

As kitschy as it sounds, office events give employees something to look forward to. Any break from the mundane work day that’s supported by management is sure to be a hit with employees. In fact, this idea cracks the top 15 of Axero’s 49 Employee Engagement Ideas. Throwing Cinco de Mayo parties and celebrating payday with a surprise 4 o’clock happy hour sounds ridiculous, but the average American spends the majority of their time with coworkers in the office, so encouraging people to feel a little more at home by introducing some fun to the mix will go a long way.


Incentives – Not Just Cash!

Rewarding employees for hitting milestones with cash in the form of a bonus or a gift card is not a bad tactic when looking to engage employees. Unfortunately, once that cash is received by the employee, the trail goes cold. Incentivizing perfect attendance with time off, or having lunch catered when an employee does an exceptional job on a report will show the office that their hard work will directly affect the office atmosphere.



If you want to build harmony in the office, sometimes you have to get out of the office. Teams that work towards a goal they are passionate about are teams that stick together. As the millennial generation grows up and into the working economy, more employees are looking to not only work for a company but to invest in a good cause. Try taking a day off once a quarter to do community service or partner with a local charity. Before you know it, that teamwork will transition into the workplace, making employees more engaged.


Feedback, Feedback, Feedback

Annual reviews are a thing of the past. Today, people want instant feedback. Be quick to offer feedback to employees whether they have asked for it or not. If the work being critiqued is not up to standards, try matching that employee up with online courses through to strengthen their confidence. Nurturing an employee with skills that will better their work will show your employees that you care about growing their skills as much as you care about how those skills will help your business.


Open Door Policy

Offering an open invitation for employees to brainstorm project ideas or to introduce pet projects they think will better the business will make employees feel like they are part of the bigger picture. It’s important to show your employees that while they should respect you, they should not be afraid of you.


There are plenty of options to boost employment engagement within the workplace, and these tips are just a few of them. If you want to truly invest in engaging your employees, remember to put yourself in their shoes and think a little outside of the box.


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