pexels-photo-large (17)Though sometimes a source of great stress (and even greater joy), children have a way of preparing business owners for effective entrepreneurship in ways that often go unnoticed, or perhaps not fully explored. In an article published on Inc., Founder & CEO of The Avenue West, Nina Ojeda shares how and why this is the case, arguing that children and businesses have “a lot” of similarities. Here are a couple which stick out to me:

  1. Be Present:
    With so many daily responsibilities, it is not uncommon for entrepreneurs to be constantly running errands, or more, connected to their devices. However, balance is crucial to optimal productivity as well as preventing burn out. Thus, don’t be afraid to turn off your devices and to focus on home life. While your loved ones might understand your busy schedule, the would appreciate your attention much more.
  2. Prioritize
    Keeping with this message, not everything can be done at once, especially not by one person. It’s important to prioritize tasks and handle them based on their level of importance. Doing so requires organization and proper management of time devoted to each endeavor. There are a number of applications online which help make this possible.
  3. Share
    Communicate often. Let your family know what’s in the works or what you’ve already accomplished. It’s important for the health of your relationship to share where you are and plan to go. According to the Inc. article, children will be proud of your work, and most importantly, supportive of decisions going forward, once there is a better understanding. Also, there is evidence suggesting that sharing increases the likelihood of accomplishment.

Overall, these tips are about balance. Entrepreneurs and business owners deal with a plethora of tasks daily which require some attention. If not handled properly, business leaders can very easily become burnt out, creating an environment that less productive and uninspired. In the next month, I’ll be sharing tips for avoiding burnout and performing optimally in every area of life.

Stay tuned!